Wildchild continues Basement work
August 29, 2011

Wildchild continues Basement work

NEW YORK — Wildchild/NY editor Diego Panich recently completed work on a new spot for Falabella and Basement featuring musician Lenny Kravitz. The commercial plays in a documentary style, combining Kravitz’s new track, “Rock Star City Life,” with black & white 35mm imagery of the entertainer, who easily moves among, fans, friends and bandmates on his way to a show in Miami. The tag “Basement: Lenny Kravitz, Solo En Falabella” closes the spot.


Partizan’s Philip Adelman directed the spot, and Melissa Larsen served as DP. Panich cut the :30 commercial in Final Cut Pro. The project marks the second recent collaboration with Basement, as Panich cut a surreal fantasy spot featuring supermodel Kate Moss earlier this year. He was commission for the latest project via Santiago de Chile-based agency Dittborn & Unzueta, and travelled to the country to perform the edit.
“For me, the energy and vitality of the tempo and lyrics of Kravitz’s song was the dominating force of the commercial,” Panich explains. “As soon as I began cutting, the beat revealed itself as the perfect pace for setting the mood and pace.”
Panich says the biggest challenge for the project was having to repeatedly re-sync the beat with the visuals every time he changed the order of the scenes, or created an alternate version.