Xytech demos nimble facility management software
April 7, 2011

Xytech demos nimble facility management software

LAS VEGAS — Burbank, CA’s Xytech (www.xytechsystems.com), a facility management software provider, created the MediaPulse platform to accommodate today’s “ad hoc” facilities. Many of today’s studios run without set schedules and need to provide clients with access to more information than ever before. MediaPulse is a scalable, nimble solution that can automate operations and optimize efficiencies.

At NAB, Xytech previewed two additions to the MediaPulse application family:  MediaPulse Encore and MediaPulse Fuse. 

MediaPulse Encore introduces Silverlight and rich Internet application services into the realm of resource, work order, and asset management systems. Encore manages facility operations with powerful collaborative tools. The Web-based solution replaces analogue reporting structures with a realtime, operational communications system. Built using industry standards and best practices, this extension is platform independent and is enhanced by the MediaPulse Notification Server, allowing for the configuration and delivery of realtime alerts across multiple platforms. MediaPulse can be modified by Xytech or by any developer of the client’s choosing. And with Encore Gadgets, targeted solutions can be crafted for specific user communities via management dashboards, operations screens, or branded client kiosks.

MediaPulse Fuse connects disparate systems in the media enterprise ecosystem to actively track orders, activities, and content movement. It can also passively track digital content and create orders for actions started by other systems. Fuse Functions, such as Digital Order, Service Engine and Notification Server, allow the management of both manual and automated processes.