AES launches first Section in China
July 16, 2012

AES launches first Section in China

BEIJING — AES Regions & Sections chair Peter Cook recently concluded a series of meetings in Beijing that resulted in the formation of a new AES Section ( The expansion marks the first Audio Engineering Society Section in mainland China.  

Early this year, Shusen Wang, a long-time AES member, VP of a Beijing broadcasting company, and professional audio consultant, contacted Cook to explore the possibility of establishing a Beijing Section. In late May, Cook made two AES presentations to members of the China Audio and Video Association (CAVA).  Following those meetings, a group of more than 25 Chinese AES members from Beijing and other cities discussed creating a Beijing Section. Wang was unanimously invited to chair the Section.  

Pictured at a meeting of the China Audio & Video Association, bottom row center Peter Cook with Shusen Wang to his right. 

“The seriousness and passion demonstrated by the AES members I met with in Beijing was deeply impressive,” says Cook. “They are fully committed to all the fundamental elements that make the AES an invaluable forum for professional audio. They enthusiastically recommended highly qualified local vice-chairs to be responsible for: Education, Research, Broadcast Applications and other areas of universal AES concern.” Cook adds, “I was genuinely taken aback when they conveyed the huge size of China’s professional audio community. This initial Beijing Section may mark the beginning of a substantial AES expansion in China.  Their concerns for the importance of an AES affiliation were humbling.”

Wang has already begun to map out a program to incorporate them.  “We will work closely with the AES parent organization to introduce Chinese experts to relevant Technical Committees; to invite them to submit research papers; to introduce Chinese stake-holders to Standards Committee chairs; and, do everything possible to ensure the success of first-time Chinese exhibitors at AES Conventions.”