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Bluefish444 shows 4K playback device

May 1, 2012
Bluefish444 shows 4K playback device
SOUTH MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Bluefish444 (, manufacturer of uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards, has released Fluid 4K Review. Designed for use with Epoch and Create video cards, Fluid is the company’s next generation Windows software that’s designed for previewing 4K RGB/YUV files output from Epoch|Supernova video cards on 4K capable LCDs and projectors. 

One Epoch|Supernova and Fluid 4K Review will output 4K YUV SDI files and two Epoch|Supernova’s synchronized together with Fluid 4K Review will output 4K RGB SDI files. 4K Review has a dynamic image cropping function to enable the 2K/HD component of 4K resolutions to be previewed at 1:1 pixel display. This feature ensures that cinematographers and VFX artists can review their 4K files on the existing 2K/HD SDI monitoring equipment they have available if they have not yet upgraded to native 4K resolution previewing devices.