Digital Domain Media Group's work lives on
October 9, 2012

Digital Domain Media Group's work lives on

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL — While Digital Domain Media Group closed here recently, it wasn’t before the studio completed two very cool CG spots for Major League Baseball’s New York Mets. 

The entirely CG spots feature the baseball player of the future, who is equipped with a heads up display and the strength to pitch at speeds never seen before. The spots also feature the Mets’ new stadium, Citi Field, which has also been upgraded for the game of the future. Delta, which flies in and out of the New York metro area, also has prominent placement, with its planes creating a rumble as they fly over the ballpark.

Marc Rienzo served as writer, director and VFX supervisor on the project, and says most of the animation was created using a combination of Autodesk Maya, Vray, Side Effects Houdini and The Foundry’s Mari. Elements were composited entirely in Nuke. 

In addition to Rienzo, studio credits included producer Lisa Zusmer DelPrete, CG supervisor Eric Sanford, compositing lead Gianni Aliotti and animation supervisor Tim Keon.