Eyeon products now CUDA-powered, works with Avid
April 18, 2012

Eyeon products now CUDA-powered, works with Avid

LAS VEGAS — Toronto’s Eyeon Software (www.eyeonline.com) is at NAB and talking up the power that Nvidia’s CUDA gives to the company’s compositing system, Fusion, and its line of image processing and managementapplications.

With CUDA, there are now many more advantages to the Nvidia/Eyeon development cycle, including:

- Eyeon’s Deep Volumetric rendering technology now runs over 100 times faster on an Nvidia Quadro GPU versus a CPU.

- Eyeon’s full HDRI floating point rendering via CG renderer uses the flexibility of advanced shaders on Nvidia CUDA cores. - - The ability to view Eyeon in stereo using Nvidia 3D Vision technology directly within the application.

- Many other computationally intensive tools are also now supported, such as Defocus, Rays, 3D noise generators, plus some Fractal generators.

- Eyeon is also currently working on certification of its products on new Nvidia Maximus technology, which features an Nvidia Quadro GPU paired with an Nvidia Tesla C2075 processor running in the same workstation using a unified driver.

“It’s simple,” explains Steve Roberts, CEO/creative director, of Eyeon. “The hundreds of CUDA cores on Nvidia graphics processors allow for tremendous interactivity and finishing speed. By accelerating the artistry, the finesse of a sequence is much more in tune with the creative process. Processes that would take an hour per frame to render now become interactive. Not only does this make the artist’s creative control better, it also means delivery and deadlines can be met.”

Eyeon is also working with other key partners, such as AJA, Avid, GenArts, and others, to further support Fusion on CUDA rendering platform.

Fusion 6.4 is also being shown – there are new features and workflow improvements, such as digital cinematography Raw camera formats are now natively supported, including Arri Raw format with all of the colorscience controls, Phantom Cineraw format, and the latest Red R3D formats with their most up-to-date color science.

Based on the new Fusion 6.4 architecture, Eyeon Connection evolves the workflow between Avid NLEs and Eyeon products. Directly in the Avid project, Connection bridges Fusion’s node-tree toolset to solve creative and technical post production requirements. 3D motion graphics and titling, advanced keying, 3D virtual environment sets, together with feature film-proven VFX quality tools, are just some of the benefits that can be easily achieved in the Avid timeline.