November 13, 2012

Former Lucasfilm CEO joins Rezn8

HOLLYWOOD — Former Lucasfilm CEO Charlie Weber has become the chairman of Stereo Vision’s Rezn8 subsidiary. Rezn8 ( is a nine-time Emmy Award winning studio that’s known for developing the media vision for a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients across a wide range of platforms. The studio is known for its 3D graphics and animation, as well as for its work in the design and development of graphical user interfaces.

Rezn's current chairman — inventor and entrepreneur Robert S. Block — will continue as senior advisor to both the Rezn8 and Stereo Vision boards of directors.

"The Stereo Vision shareholders have scored a real coup landing Charlie Weber as chairman of Rezn8,” says Stereo Vision's CEO Jack Honour. “Mr. Weber brings to Rezn8 a wealth of knowledge and experience and can open any door in Hollywood. Mr. Weber served as chief executive officer of Lucasfilm and was at the helm during the production of the history making films, The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark. He also oversaw Lucasfilm subsidiaries THX and ILM.”

Subsequent to Lucasfilm, Weber served as COO at Embassy Communications, a company owned by television producer Norman Lear.