Former Sound Lounge pros to launch new audio house
January 9, 2012

Former Sound Lounge pros to launch new audio house

NEW YORK — Sound Lounge alumni Phil Loeb, Keith Reynaud and Gloria Pitagorsky have come together to form Heard City, a new, full-service, audio studio (

The audio house will be located on the 5th floor of 16 West 22nd Street once construction is complete. In the interim, the trio is working out of two studios on the floor below. 

Loeb became a part of Sound Lounge at its inception in 1998, while Reynaud joined the company in 2002. As the two long-time collaborators put it, "These past years at the Lounge have been wonderful and we are very proud of what we've accomplished. Tom Jucarone, Peter Holcomb and Marshall Grupp have been instrumental to our careers and we will always be grateful. However, having the chance to build something from scratch is a once-in-a-career opportunity. "

Pitagorsky, who will serve as managing director, says, "We hope to create an exciting next-generation studio that will work on commercial as well as entertainment projects. Having worked at AudioEngine, Nutmeg, HSR, and Sound Lounge, I've seen it all, and this is going to be amazing!"