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IBC 2012: Pixel Farm releases PFDepth VFX tool

September 7, 2012
IBC 2012: Pixel Farm releases PFDepth VFX tool
AMSTERDAM — The Pixel Farm Ltd (, which develops image processing systems for VFX, DI and restoration, has released PFDepth, a new, integrated toolset for total scene reconstruction, 2D-to-3D conversion and depth map creation. 

PFDepth makes it easy to build complex geometry, detailed per-pixel depth maps, and stereoscopic renders of any 2D scene. The tool uses The Pixel Farm’s 3D camera tracking technology as its foundation, creating accurate depth cues that are assigned to each pixel in the image relative to the real-world camera’s position over time, while dynamic adjustments to convergence can be animated automatically. The result is scene reconstruction and stereoscopy that appears true to life.

“PFDepth is fully integrated with our entire product line, so the creative options are endless,” notes Daryl Shail, VFX product Manager at The Pixel Farm Ltd. “Throw PFClean into the mix, and you have a complete end-to-end solution for bringing archive films through restoration, remastering and stereoscopic conversion for redistribution.”