IBC 2012: SSL launches turn-key ADR system
September 5, 2012

IBC 2012: SSL launches turn-key ADR system

AMSTERDAM — Solid State Logic (www.solidstatelogic.com) is launching ScreenSound ADR at IBC, a turnkey system that combines a suite of integrated software applications for dialogue spotting and session preparation, session control and management and streamlined audio recording. The system consists of a hardware platform that includes a host computer, I/O and the Nucleus hardware control surface. 

ScreenSound ADR is designed to optimize and standardize automatic dialogue replacement for film, Foley recording, and local language replacement for film and television. The system is design to provides an efficient workflow. The session preparation stage of the process is handled by SpotShot, a comprehensive take logging, dialogue spotting and session preparation tool. Imported scripts are automatically turned into take lists, and a dedicated interface streamlines the dialogue spotting process with an integrated HD capable video player with full script and annotation text overlay. Take lists can be filtered to show appearances by individual cast members or groups and to calculate word/line count to help plan studio and talent time. SpotShot is a standalone application enabling dialogue spotting to be done away from the ADR studio.

At the heart of ScreenSound ADR is SpotFire, which presents a dedicated session management and automated ADR interface that provides control of studio session workflow. SpotFire’s interface combines a “rehearse - record – review” based transport control panel with a versatile Take List that makes viewing, navigating and controlling the recording process simple and efficient. SpotFire relies on SSL’s Soundscape DAW as the underlying platform for recording, editing and mixing with all track arming, transport and recording functions controlled entirely by SpotFire’s dedicated ADR interface. The system can import native .ptf format sessions from Pro Tools and can export finished sessions in native .ptf Pro Tools format. 

SpotFire also feeds and controls VisionCue, Screensound ADR’s artist cue system. VisionCue is a fully integrated multi-screen HD video player with a customizable scrolling script, annotation, graphic timeline cue and count in overlay. VisionCue can natively play a range of video formats without the need for transcoding. The system supports BlackMagic Design video interfaces. 

The Nucleus hardware control surface delivers customizable, hands-on control for accelerated operation.