IBC 2012: ScheduAll improves enterprise resource management software
September 5, 2012

IBC 2012: ScheduAll improves enterprise resource management software

AMSTERDAM — ScheduAll (www.scheduall.com), a developer of enterprise resource management software to the media and broadcast industries, is demonstrating a prototype of new features and capabilities at IBC. New capabilities have been added for booking events and managing entire projects so users are not required to laboriously schedule one asset at a time. ScheduAll automatically performs all the business logic to price and allocate the appropriate assets in realtime, and notifies the user immediately when specific tasks are completed or a problem arises. 

These new capabilities and user experience make previously complicated and time-consuming tasks, such as sending content from New York to London for editing, as simple as dragging and dropping a file. The ScheduAll system makes the transfer, notifies and the sender and receiver, and can reserve a specific editing bay so the work can begin immediately. 

This ease of collaboration is not limited to within one organization. The application enables disparate ScheduAll systems to connect and accelerate project workflows throughout the content creation to distribution supply chain. Anyone who owns a ScheduAll system can partner and share inventories with another ScheduAll system.

“You will no longer be forced to turn away work because you will have access to an unlimited supply of resources across your partner and vendor communities,” explains Joel Ledlow, CEO of ScheduAll. “Our intelligent booking system allocates those resources, and accounts for factors such as price deltas, skills requirements or timelines to get the project completed with very little human intervention. This really flattens the administration of projects and focuses on delivery, quality and task in realtime.”