Level 256 continues collaboration with Sacha Baron Cohen
June 4, 2012

Level 256 continues collaboration with Sacha Baron Cohen

LOS ANGELES — Level 256 Visual Effects (www.level256vfx.com), a digital artist collective and visual effects production studio, produced more than 60 VFX shots for The Dictator, the latest film from Sacha Baron Cohen. Released in mid May by Paramount Pictures, the film marks the third collaboration between Level 256 owner Scott Davids and Baron Cohen, as the team also collaborated on the comedian’s Borat and Bruno films.

For The Dictator, Level 256 produced a range of visual effects sequences that included split screen scenes, 3D sign replacements, wire removals and green screen shots. 

Eric J. Robertson served as VFX supervisor on the film and worked closely with the Level 256 team.

“Our goal was to work closely with Eric Robertson, whose eye for color and integration is first rate,” notes Level 256’s Davids, “and VFX editor Todd Fulkerson to ensure that the scenes that included visual effects in The Dictator allowed the comedic work of the characters to be continuous and seamless, while always moving the story forward.”