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Level 256 creates 'Fun Size' FX

October 31, 2012
Level 256 creates 'Fun Size' FX
LOS ANGELES — Level 256 Visual Effects  ( produced over 70 VFX shots for the new Paramount Pictures film, Fun Size. The studio/collective served as the lead VFX house on the film, which features an ensemble cast. Fun Size is a comedy set on Halloween night. A young girl’s popularity is in jeopardy when she is forced to track down her kid brother instead of going to the party of the year.  The film stars Justice, Mann, Jane Levy and Chelsea Handler.

Level 256 created a comedic large chicken that falls from the roof of a fast food chain. The studio removed support wires and rigs, enhanced sparks and smoke, and removed and replaced actors, as well as created two, CG chicken arm replacement shots. Other work on the film includes additional wire and rig removals, computer monitor burn-ins, Facebook interface design, cell phone comps, and film damage and flicker fixes.

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