Music provider Killer Tracks debuts 'Artist Series'
April 16, 2012

Music provider Killer Tracks debuts 'Artist Series'

LAS VEGAS — Killer Tracks ( is promoting its new Killer Tracks Artist Series at the NAB show, here.  The Artist Series uses sync licensing to promote and drive additional revenue streams for artists at any level.

“Our goal with this series is to combine the simple one-stop production music licensing model with the creativity of major artists for the benefit of our clients, our artists and their fans worldwide,” explains David Gurule, Killer Tracks’ VP of marketing and business development.

Beginning with the release of a five-song EP from singer/songwriter Alex Band on May 22, the series will release EPs from singer/songwriter Tamar Kaprelian (June 19), hard rock headliners Rev Theory (summer 2012) and Motown songwriter Lamont Dozier (fall 2012). More Artist Series releases will be announced throughout the year. In addition to making the Artist Series releases available for licensing through 33 UPPM offices worldwide, they will also be available for purchase at all major digital retail sites, including iTunes.

The initiative represents a strategy shift for Killer Tracks, which since 1989 has built a profitable business primarily through background music licensing. The Artist Series was developed after the company experienced success when full-length songs with lyrics were featured in national ad campaigns, promos and other media. 

“As we started licensing songs with lyrics, thousands of people started asking who the artists were and where they could buy the music. In some cases, the digital sales from a single placement were increasing the value of that placement many times over,” comments Gurule.

As an innovative and non-traditional platform, the series was also created to help artists reach new audiences, explore new revenue opportunities, and foster creativity. According to Gurule, Killer Tracks’ client base “needs music from every genre and era, so we don’t have to chase the charts to have a licensing hit.”

The series also further builds Killer Tracks music library for higher-profile placements in national ads, films, television programs, and interactive media. “Think of it as completing a circle” Gurule says. “The appeal of artists creates bigger sync opportunities. Those sync opportunities then drive digital sales and increase both public performance income and awareness for Killer Tracks and the artist. In turn, that increased awareness creates even more sync opportunities and the circle just grows from there.”