Noise Industries' brings 3D transitions to FCP X
October 9, 2012

Noise Industries' brings 3D transitions to FCP X

BOSTON — Noise Industries ( has released XEffects 3D Transitions, a new plug-in for Apple's Final Cut Pro X. XEffects 3D Transitions includes 24 effects for FCP X built in 3D space with camera moves, variable focal lengths, shallow depth of field, lighting and reflections.  

The glossy transitions all animate with 3D depth, making other effects look rather flat. While the release touts 24 effects, users can take advantage of more than 100 different transitions when tweaking the presets.

Variable focal length allows the control of the 3D depth of the effect. Adjustable depth of field gives the user a choice of defocusing near and far edges or keeping everything pin sharp. Directional lighting adds to the photorealism of the transitions as do fully-adjustable reflections.
The tool costs $49 and Noise Industries is offering a watermarked, free-trial version for those who want to check it our before purchasing it.