Ole MusicBox launches new client Website
September 17, 2012

Ole MusicBox launches new client Website

TORONTO — Ole MusicBox, which provides 100 percent cleared production music, has launched a new client Website (www.olemusicbox.com) that offers search, service, fulfillment and e-commerce capabilities. Ole acquired MusicBox in 2011, bringing its owned collection to 50,000 tracks. The company then set forth to combine its various Websites and improve the client experience by stepping up its search, project management, fulfillment and e-commerce features. 

“We’ve strived for the highest quality in our music content and now we can also deliver the kind of quality, customer service experience that we’ve wanted for our clients,” says Ole MusicBox CEO, Robert Ott. “This new system is transparent, fast and intuitive tech that makes our clients’ jobs easier and that operates on any platform they choose to use. Of course, strong personal service will continue to augment the tech and can now be accessed with one click.” 

Ole’s manager of production, Ross Hardy, led the team that was charged with making it happen. He notes that the new Website “brings a flexible environment to clients, including universal platform (PC, Mac, mobile) touch-screen capability, drag and drop playlists, projects and cue sheets where all track information follows without additional client effort. All audio formats are available with format conversion on-the-fly. Project and search result sharing with collaboration for associates or clients is also bundled and can be transferred via e-mail with live links that eliminate bulky files that choke up inboxes. All of this happens in an environment that learns about client preferences for the next time.” 

The company says fulfillment in the digital environment was a big goal and, while intelligent hard-drive delivery is still possible for clients working in the offline environment, cloud delivery and automated delivery are now available up to and including virtual hard-drives. 

Clients that need to work on and complete projects at odd hours and who do not have access to a Blanket License Account, can auto-license and pay for tracks using secure e-commerce technology powered by a major bank that automatically delivers files, licenses and invoicing. 

Ott adds that there has been a lot of internal debate about how to balance access and security: “Clients can explore the library without the need for downloading full-quality files. We’re also incorporating various fingerprinting technologies so we can search after the fact, for usage. This is good news for our sub-publishing clients because we are aggressive about full collections for our composers and our sub-publishing clients. We’ve tried to strike a balance we think meets both needs.”