Red Giant buys tech assets of Singular Software, including PluralEyes
July 9, 2012

Red Giant buys tech assets of Singular Software, including PluralEyes

PORTLAND, OR – Red Giant, makers of the Magic Bullet product line, has acquired the products and related intellectual property of Singular Software, a developer of workflow automation apps for video production, including the popular PluralEyes, which works with all major video editors. The goal of the purchase is to bring filmmakers and editors into the edit faster.

Red Giant has acquired the products of Singular Software but not the company itself. “The entire Singular Software team is partnering with Red Giant, which keeps an important continuity in engineering and support. We’re excited. They’re excited,” says Red Giant co-founder Sean Safreed.

All the development for Singular Software products will continue as planned, with PluralEyes 3.0 for Mac scheduled for release this summer. Going forward, Singular Software technology will be play a big part in Red Giant’s plans for new filmmaking and workflow products.

Red Giant’s portfolio now includes Singular’s PluralEyes for automated syncing of audio tracks and multi-camera video; DualEyes for audio replacement for DSLR users; CloudEyes, a set of audio/video synchronization services for developers; Singular Software Presto, an easy way to create pro quality videos of presentations; and all intellectual property for the related technology.

The products will continue to be sold and supported through Singular Software’s Website over the next couple of months. In Q3 2012, Red Giant will complete their integration of the Singular Software products, and all sales and support will move to

Pricing and product offerings will remain unchanged during the transition, and pricing for PluralEyes 3.0 will be announced on release. Because this is a private transaction, the companies will not disclose financial information. Further details about the partnership are available at