Red Giant releases updated A/V sync solution, PluralEyes
September 27, 2012

Red Giant releases updated A/V sync solution, PluralEyes

PORTLAND, OR — Red Giant is now shipping PluralEyes 3 for Mac, the first release of the audio/video syncing software since it acquired technology through the Singular Software acquisition. The new release offers a 20x performance increase over V.2, along with a new UI that eases audio/video sync.

PluralEyes 3 automates audio/video synchronization in seconds, giving videographers and filmmakers edit-ready footage without clappers or timecode. The new release ships in a simple delivery of one package for one price and with one serial number. With this release, Red Giant has integrated features from DualEyes to create a standalone PluralEyes application that supports a broad range of workflows, including native DSLR, along with other cameras, file formats and codecs. A new timeline-based interface displays the syncing process for realtime visual feedback, while new “test and tweak” features give quality control and greater confidence in the sync.

To showcase PluralEyes 3, filmmaker Seth Worley has released his third short film for Red Giant, titled Form 17. The high-tension thriller focuses on a bomb technician facing “Take Your Daughter To Work Day.” The project was shot using several cameras at once and involves a lot of fast-paced dialogue  (
PluralEyes 3 for Mac is priced at $199 for new customers, and as a $79 upgrade for Plural Eyes 2 and DualEyes owners. PluralEyes 3 customers will receive a free update to the Windows version when it becomes available, along with an update for Media Composer support on the Mac.