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Royale helping Sandy victims with animated short

December 17, 2012
Royale helping Sandy victims with animated short
LOS ANGELES — Royale ( has launched The Bell Ringer, its own interactive holiday fundraiser. Proceeds that the studio collects will be donated to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief in support of those affected by Superstorm Sandy. 

At the heart of the studio's 25-day fundraising effort is a humorous animated short about Edith, a sweet old lady who sets up shop on a busy street corner to try to raise money for charity. Frustrated by a lack of support, she tosses her bell at an uncaring pedestrian, causing a coin to bounce her way. This inspires an idea, which leads to an abundance of donations, as well as a number of unconscious victims. 

You can view The Bell Ringer ( on The Royale site and make a donation of $5, $10 or $50. If the studio reaches its $10K fundraising goal by January 11th, 2013, they will create an alternate ending to the short.