Rushes handling FX for 'DIrk Gently'
March 5, 2012

Rushes handling FX for 'DIrk Gently'

LONDON — Rushes Film & TV ( worked closely with director Tom Shankland to create the visual effects for the dramatic, witty series Dirk Gently ( The show’s VFX are a mix of enhancing practical effects such as people falling out of windows or through floors, graphic satellite imagery and the CG additions of electrical connections to a girl robot. 

Rushes MGFX provided the main title sequence taking the original idea of the interconnectedness of Dirk’s world, as revealed by his whiteboard, and placing the titles of the show at its center. 

MGFX Studio designers Barry Corcoran and Brad Le-Riche worked on drafting design ideas that would further designs from the pilot. All elements were linked by rendered 3D string to highlight Dirk’s prime theory in universal interconnectedness.

Dirk Gently is produced by ITV Studios and Chris Carey. Mathew Tabarn cuts the program (

Rushes Simone Coco, Dan Alterman, Noel Harmes, Eleanor Rogers, and Dave Bannister handle Nuke compositing. 3D Animation is provided by Andy Hargreaves, Chris Hutchison, David Loh and Alan Williamson. Barry Corcoran, Brad Le Riche and Matt Lawrence handled motion graphics.