Sony Pictures to host F65 workshops
February 28, 2012

Sony Pictures to host F65 workshops

CULVER CITY, CA — Sony Pictures has plans to host a number of workshops on digital workflows supporting the new Sony F65 CineAlta digital motion picture camera. The workshops will be conducted at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City and are designed to educate qualified directors, cinematographers and other film industry professionals.

Sony Pictures Studios will begin hosting the workshops in March on Stage 7, and they will run for approximately six weeks. Attendees will get to see a functioning, end-to-end production and post production workflow based around two F65 cameras, with Leica Summilux-C and Fujinon lenses, and a dressed and lit set.  A digital imaging technician will be on-set along with an operating dailies solution. The system will be linked to Sony Pictures’ Colorworks digital intermediate facility, where 4K F65 camera data will be evaluated in a DI color grading suite.

“The F65 has generated a lot of enthusiasm among directors and cinematographers impressed by its outstanding image quality and performance, which, some say, rivals 35mm film,” notes Gary Martin, president production administration at Sony Pictures Entertainment. “Our intent is to help filmmakers get the most from this exceptional new camera.”

“We already have one production shooting with the F65 and soon expect many more,” adds Chris Cookson, president, Sony Pictures Technologies. “The F65 workshops offer professionals an opportunity to see the camera in action and focus on workflows that maximize image quality and production efficiency.”

The workshops will precede the official opening of the Sony Digital Motion Picture Center (DMPC) planned for May 2012.  Sony DMPC will be run by Sony Professional Solutions of America to support the Sony F65 and other large sensor format acquisition systems.

For more on the workshops, visit the Sony Pictures Website: