Tamara Gagarin joins West Post Digital
December 10, 2012

Tamara Gagarin joins West Post Digital

SANTA MONICA — West Post Digital (www.westpostdigital.com) has named Tamara Gagarin business development executive. The appointment is part of the company’s effort to expand its reach within the feature film arena.
Gagarin has previously held in-house post positions with iO Film, Oasis Imagery, Technicolor Creative Services, Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging and The Post Group. In her new position, she will seek to bring to West Post Digital new projects, primarily those involving indie films and documentaries. She will also develop new workflows for these projects, ensuring that budgets can be accommodated.
Most recently, Gagarin had been working on a freelance basis, consulting on a number of feature film projects, including Paramount Pictures’ upcoming movie Area 51. During 2011, she was sales executive with iO Film/The Post Group/Runway in Hollywood. There, she created bids and managed various post processes including setting up offline editorial bays, dailies sessions, DI, film-out and mastering through domestic and international distribution. She also worked as company liaison with clients to assure proper delivery of film elements for sale of feature films.
West Post Digital was founded in 1998 and specializes in online post production for network and cable television programs; independent, major studio and documentary films; home entertainment releases; videogames; and Web-based content. The company offers editing, HD finishing, da Vinci color correction, HD and SD deliverables, QC, audio sweetening, and 5.1 audio mixing services.