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Therapy & Visual Creatures collaborate on Qualcomm music video

July 6, 2012
Therapy & Visual Creatures collaborate on Qualcomm music video
LOS ANGELES — Design/animation company Visual Creatures (directors Ryan McNeely and John Cranston) and Gifted Youth, the newly launched commercial production division of Funny or Die, recently created a zany world in need of Snapdragon processors for the 3:00 Qualcomm music video, Shoulda Shoulda Got A Snapdragon. 

The playful video features rappers Parker & The Numberman, who recall all the times their phones have failed them, be it their GPS, battery life, video camera or sound quality. In each case, Snapdragon technology could have eliminated the problem. Editor Doobie White of Therapy Studios collaborated with Visual Creatures on the project.

Visual Creatures modeled and designed the digital sets prior to shooting so that the camera angles could be easily communicated to DP Eric Haas and so that wardrobe stylist Melissa Gould could design the outfits to compliment the color palates of the sets. The talent was shot entirely on greenscreen and post needed to be completed within two weeks. Working with only the furniture as practical elements, the Visual Creatures team built the virtual environments that transport the rappers into the colorful alternate reality.