VFX house 32Ten hosting 'pro workshops'
March 19, 2012

VFX house 32Ten hosting 'pro workshops'

SAN RAFAEL CA — Stage rental and practical effects house 32Ten Studios (www.32ten.com) has launched a professional workshop series that’s designed to help filmmakers and game developers further their technical and theoretical application of production and post production skills. The series also teaches the art and craft behind numerous disciplines. The workshops will be held on a regular basis on the stage at 32Ten Studios. 

Vince De Quattro, who has just been named director of artist development for 32Ten, will lead the “Production Workshop” series, which commences on March 22. This three-hour evening workshop is designed for both independent filmmakers and producers looking to understand the animation and effects marketplace, as well as for young artists looking to assume roles as production  assistants, production coordinators, and ultimately producers in the feature  animation and post production VFX industry. These sessions will feature production training in bidding, artist management, the culture of the hybridized art/technical entertainment industry, and other guidance for producers of short film, commercial and music videos.

De Quattro will also lead the “From Green Screen to Silver Screen” session on March 31. The session is designed for educators and film enthusiasts, and will walk participants through the basics of digital post production visual effects.

A third event is planned for April 4, from 7pm to 9pm. “Models and Miniatures in a Digital Age” will be lead by Fon Davis, who will discuss the considerations to take into account when deciding on the scale for a model, the choice of materials, and the level of detail. Davis will show examples of when miniatures are a good option over live action or CG. He will also unveil tricks of the trade that artists use to make models and miniatures look full scale and completely realistic.