Adobe and Maxon agree to partner on technology
March 19, 2013

Adobe and Maxon agree to partner on technology

SAN JOSE — Adobe, here, and Friedrichsdorf, Germany-based Maxon, the developer of Cinema 4D, a 3D animation software for film, broadcast, motion graphics pros  have entered into a strategic alliance and will collaborate on technology for creatives in the motion graphics and visual effects industry. As part of the alliance, both companies are expected to collaborate and engineer a pipeline between After Effects and Cinema 4D (pictured, left) to give users a seamless 2D/3D foundation.
"Adobe After Effects has a 20 year history of setting the standard for motion graphics and visual effects software,” says Steve Forde, senior product manager for After Effects at Adobe (  "Collaborating with a market leader in 3D graphics programming like Maxon, will further accelerate how After Effects users create rich engaging experiences."
“Cinema 4D is a leading 3D solution, and the one Adobe After Effects users have come to know and love because of its real-world 3D capabilities,” says Harald Egel, co-founder/CEO, Maxon Computer GmbH. “We look forward to continued collaboration between our programming and marketing teams to ensure that the interoperability of our software products makes a positive impact on artists seeking to easily and fully integrate 3D into their production pipelines.”

  You can see Forde's blog for more: