Aframe 2.0's Edit Flow allows export directly into NLEs
March 20, 2013

Aframe 2.0's Edit Flow allows export directly into NLEs

LONDON/BOSTON — Aframe ( has updated its cloud video technology to Version 2. Aframe 2.0, offers a quicker way for video pros to get content into editing. The new version includes productivity enhancements, including integration with Panasonic’s AVC codec a newly designed user interface and an API Library. It also offers capabilities of higher-end on premises media asset management solutions and a genuine competitive edge to its users.

The new version also includes Edit Flow, a feature that allows users to export their metadata out of Aframe and directly into the three major NLE platforms – Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Edit Flow is meant to accelerate the early stages of productions and reduces total editing time. With Edit Flow, Aframe users interact with the system as they have always done – uploading their raw video footage from wherever they are in the world onto Aframe’s private cloud, securely store it there, and share it with anyone, anywhere as they collaborate on TV, film, corporate video or spots. But now, the timecode-specific metadata that Aframe users generate when commenting, logging, sub-clipping and collecting clips in Aframe can be transferred directly from the cloud into an NLE platform. Once there, the metadata relinks with the original media – retaining all user changes automatically.

Aframe’s Edit Flow was developed in part by Aframe software engineer Jeff Bedell, a technical Emmy award-winner, who as Avid Technology’s employee #2 wrote the initial code for the first Avid Media Composer. “Edit Flow addresses a longstanding issue in the professional video workflow – the inefficiency in the early stages of productions when multiple team members organize rough-edit footage before the professional edit process starts - and further expand the time- and cost-saving advantages of Aframe’s secure cloud video production offering,” says Bedell.

With Edit Flow, multiple edits formats can all live together on Aframe, enabling support for native camera rushes, high shoot ratios and multiple format projects. Aframe’s timecode extraction, metadata handling and export capabilities are features typically found in traditional on-premises media asset management solutions for many multiples the price.