Cartoon Network gets ready for summer
June 13, 2013

Cartoon Network gets ready for summer

NEW YORK — Cartoon Network’s in-house creative agency Creative Group recently helped design a summer makeover for the network using a combination of brightly colored images and a video that seamlessly blends the work of top animators from around the globe. As part of the 2013 “Summer Refresh,” the new graphics feature popular Cartoon Network characters, such as the Annoying Orange and Finn and Jake from Adventure Time.

Creative Group stitched together a :60 video interstitial comprising the work of six different animators and animation companies from around the world.

 “We reached out to animation teams from Australia,France, Portland Oregon, Atlanta Georgia, and two from the UK, and they were all enthusiastic, even though they wouldn’t know what the others were doing,” explains Creative Group and Adult Swim creative director Jacob Escobedo. “We gave them character art, a color palette, a warning against nudity, and ten seconds — those were the only rules. This project was an incredible lesson in risk, but also one of the most rewarding that I’ve ever worked on. What we got exceeded our expectations.”

The graphics package includes images of some of Cartoon Network’s most popular characters arranged into a totemic image. When looped end-to-end, the graphic totem becomes a unique, yet recognizable pattern that informs all of the network’s on-air elements, including bumps, lower thirds, promotions, and interstitials.

The video utilizes an “Exquisite Corpse” technique to blend the :10 pieces from the six animators into the final :60 product. The animators included Australia’s Rubberhouse; France’s CRCR; the UK’s Alex Grigg and Eamonn O’Neill; and the US’s Impactist (Portland, OR) and Awesome Incorporated (Atlanta, GA). Impactist also created the music for the spot.