Click 3X's latest effort targets luxury brands
May 29, 2013

Click 3X's latest effort targets luxury brands

NEW YORK — Click 3X ( has launched Raison D’Être, a digital and video content company that will focus on working with fashion, beauty and luxury brands. The new operation is being headed by Christan Summers.

Raison D’Être will harness the full range of offerings from Click 3X and its interactive division ClickFire Media, offering services that range from concept to production to post. The company will create Websites, mobile apps, traditional TV spots, and in-store experiences.

(L-R) Summers and Corbett.

Summers will act as director of creative & strategy for Raison D’Être. She is the current founder/CEO of ICUINParis and Showroom ICU, which is both an online boutique specializing in independent, curated, unique designer jewelry and accessories from around the world and a BtoB consultancy.   

“We have only grazed the surface of the potential for luxury clients in the digital space,” explains Click 3X owner Peter Corbett. “Our goal is to ease any fears beauty and luxury clients may have concerning their presence on the Web and in mobile applications. To our team of creatives, ‘digital’ is no longer a commercial idea, it is a tool to take advantage of and invite consumers to experience new elements of these brands.”