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Digital-Tutors adds to training library

May 15, 2013
Digital-Tutors adds to training library
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Digital-Tutors (, which serves as a training resource for CG, VFX and digital art technology, released 43 new tutorials in April. The update brings the Digital-Tutors training library to over 1,100 tutorial options and 22,000 video lessons.

In April, Digital-Tutors introduced its first training series for 2D animation software, Toon Boom, and for the game development texturing application, Substance Designer. The company also launched Introduction to ZBrush, a course that covers the fundamentals of the ZBrush interface and tools for sculpting, painting and illustration.

Advanced training options introduced recently includes Controlling Your Fractures in Houdini, MoGraph Effector Reference Library for Cinema 4D, Exploring Different Explosion Types in 3DS Max and FumeFX, and additions to the advanced Creative Development series.

Digital-Tutors is a subscription service that costs $45/month. The company does offer free lessons at the beginning of each tutorial. 

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