Engine Room continues work for 'NASCAR on Fox'
March 28, 2013

Engine Room continues work for 'NASCAR on Fox'

HOLLYWOOD — Engine Room (www.engineroomhollywood.com) continues its work for Fox Sports’ NASCAR coverage with the creation of a high-energy graphics package that will be used throughout the series’ 14-week season. The NASCAR On Fox package included creative development, design and production of both daytime and nighttime show opens, as well as two new branding icons that will be rolled out in coming weeks.

Nascar on Fox 2013 Open - Day and Night from Engine Room on Vimeo.

For the last two seasons, Fox Sports has called on Engine Room for custom animation pieces involving intensive and rapidly produced, animated comic-style CG recaps of each week’s race. This year, Engine Room delivering an entire broadcast sports package that showcases the thrills, spills and upsets intrinsic to the sport. 

The new open reflects the evolution of new cars’ body styles from the big three automakers. Engine Room was also tasked with designing two new branding icons for Fox Sports to be used throughout the racing season: the chrome, energy infused Fox X-Car, and its robot driver, Speedus.

VFX supervisor Dave Piedra, creative director Dan Schmit and EP Michael Caplan led the Engine Room design and animation team, which spent nine months working on the package.