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John Rodd records, mixes 'Elysium' score

August 30, 2013
John Rodd records, mixes 'Elysium' score
HOLLYWOOD — John Rodd served as the score recording and mixing engineer for Elysium, staring Matt Damon and Jodi Foster. Directed by Neill Blomkamp, the Sony Pictures action film centers around class warfare and one man’s mission to save Earth. 

Rodd worked with composer Ryan Amon on the project, employing Avid’s Pro Tools|HDX. He credits the raw horsepower and speed of Pro Tools|HDX, combined with the uninterrupted creative workflow it provides, as critical factors in successfully recording Elysium at Abbey Road Studios and mixing it at his studio, Clearstory Sound. 
“When collaborating on large, complex mixing projects such as the score for Elysium, Pro Tools|HDX is my obvious choice,” notes Rodd. “The system lets me quickly and efficiently share, edit and mix audio, while streamlining workflows. I can use a single rig to do incredibly elaborate score mixes, and simultaneously print many stem mixes in a single pass.”