Low-cost app can improve Mac's sound
August 13, 2013

Low-cost app can improve Mac's sound

KARNATAKA, INDIA — Global Delight’s (www.globaldelight.com) Boom is low-cost software that can quickly and easily improve the sound of a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or new iMac. The system wide volume booster and equalizer application works like the volume controls of a Mac to boost sound — making it a louder and clearer, and improving the sound experience.

In addition to music and videos playing in iTunes, Boom can also improve the sound in video chats such as Skype and FaceTime.
Equalizer presets include Jazz, Acoustic and Classical, among others, and users can also create their own EQ presets.

Boom costs $6.99, but for a limited time, Global Delight is offering a special rate of $3.99. The company also offers a low-cost screen capture program called Voila, which allows users to capture still or moving images from their desktop, as well as Web pages. Imagery can even be saved in the PDF format for easy sharing. Visit their Website for special pricing.