NAB 2013: GenArts to debut Sapphire 7
March 29, 2013

NAB 2013: GenArts to debut Sapphire 7

LAS VEGAS — Visual effects software provider GenArts ( is showing the new release of Sapphire 7 at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas. The brand new release provides users with greater control, increased speed, and an expanding arsenal of effects designed to allow users to create high-quality effects in less time.
EdgeAwareBlur, Beauty, Advanced Sharpen, PanAndZoom (available on Avid only), LensFlare, Zap, MotionBlur are all new effects for the release, as are the FilmRoll, CardFlip, and FlutterCut transitions. CUDA GPU support allows for the use of more plug-ins, and optimizations have been made for overall speed increases.

Artists and editors can now save time by taking advantage of more than 2,500 presets, which is double the number previously available in Sapphire 6. Sapphire also allows users to share presets across host platforms.

GenArts is also showing realtime rendering of Sapphire 7 for Avid platforms.