NAB 2013: Post Pit highlights
March 22, 2013

NAB 2013: Post Pit highlights

LAS VEGAS — The Hollywood Post Alliance has announced the scheduled for the Post Pit at NAB, which will feature 20-minute rapid learning sessions. Post Pit sessions are free to all attendees and will take place in the lower level of the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (SL15708).

On Monday, from 11-11:20 am Larry Chernoff, the CEO of MTI Film, will present “The Post Puzzle (And Solutions!).” Thanks to the rapid shifts in technology for acquisition, post production and delivery, productions now have the blessing (and curse) of a wide range of options for how to get their content from the camera to the screen. Larry will present success stories that outline some of the roads productions have chosen to take, highlighting the need for flexibility and cooperation at every step.

Data continues to grow but budgets don't. David Cerf, executive VP of Crossroads Systems, presents “Solving Data Archiving for Today, Tomorrow and the Future” on Monday, from 1-1:20 pm. Cerf will demonstrate StrongBox, a shared storage software that provides efficient solutions within a workflow to keep data accessible, secure and available from camera to post. 

On Monday, from 2-2:20 pm, CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkins will present “Public Cloud Ecosystem: Tackling Production Delays and Collaboration Woes one Project at a Time”. Jenkins will explain how the media industry can leverage the public cloud’s collaboration benefits to tackle problems of dispersed locations, high-data volumes and project-based workflows. Throughout the session, he will offer numerous use cases, including those of customers’ iStreamPlanet, Gorilla Technologies and CineCert, to showcase the collaboration and cost efficiency benefits of a public cloud ecosystem in the media and entertainment industry.

Chris Parker, CTO of Sim Digital and the co-founder of Bling Digital, along with Chris Jacobson, VP of creative services at Bling Digital, present "The New World of Post-On-Demand (P.O.D.)" on Tuesday from 10-10:20 am. Parker and Jacobson will explain how Sim Digital/Bling Digital are ramping up efficiency in the new world of post. Gone are the days where million dollar hardware setups are needed to complete necessary post tasks like telecine, online editing and color grading. More and more, post production executives and producers are looking for post services that allow each unique show to maximize efficiencies and allow the creative vision of any project to be the focal point. During this presentation, Parker and Jacobson will be talking about how post on demand was deployed on Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim and also how it is used on TV shows like Revolution, SUITS and Covert Affairs.

The schedule for Wednesday and Thursday can be found on the NAB Website: