April 8, 2013

NAB 2013: Xytech expands MediaPulse facility management software

LAS VEGAS — Xytech (www.XytechSystems.com), a provider of facility management software, is showing updates and additions to its MediaPulse platform at NAB 2013. MediaPulse is Xytech’s flagship product and is positioned to offer out-of-the-box automation for the entire production ecosystem. 

The platform enables craft workflow and asset management systems to work seamlessly with planning, scheduling, and financial management tools. All tasks in the workflow chain, from automation to asset scheduling and personnel management, are managed in the product by a modular architecture. Templated and dynamic workflows are driven by Xytech’s event orchestration technology, managing all activities in an order and automatically monitoring individual tasks for operational status and financial impact. 

At NAB, Xytech is previewing MediaPulse Sky which brings complete MediaPulse functionality to Xytech users, regardless of whether they are operating on Mac, PC, mobile, iOS or in the Cloud. Sky delivers custom configured interfaces to all users, dramatically reduces rollout costs, and drives realtime collaboration across the media enterprise between clients and multiple vendors.

Xytech’s new Personnel Rules provides functionality and technology for the personnel management tasks of a facility. Payroll rules in labor contracts or European Working Time Directives are easily configured using scripted workflows. Payroll penalties are controlled by issuing warnings and alerts on pre-configured parameters including; limits to the number of hours worked in a given period, a mandated minimum amount of time off between assignments, and considerations regarding scheduling personnel to work on days off or holidays. All functionality is presented in a configurable interface that makes order entry, operations management, and financial reconciliation user friendly.

MediaPulse Fuse & Fuse Connect are updated at this year’s NAB show. Fuse, the platform extension that offers the ability to interface with other systems across a network or over the cloud, allows users to cover the entire spectrum of system interfaces in a highly scalable manner. Now an XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) data transformation capability is included in the system, allowing developers and integrators to conditionally pull transformed data from MediaPulse. Fuse now offers the ability to remotely create orders in any other MediaPulse system through simple configuration.