New training series explores Imagineer's Mocha
June 5, 2013

New training series explores Imagineer's Mocha

GUILDFORD, UK — Imagineer Systems ( recently introduced Curious Turtle’s ( new training course for its Mocha Pro application. “Master Mocha Volume 1; Production Effects with Mocha and After Effects” offers over seven hours of training and is geared toward intermediate and advanced users who are already familiar with Imagineer Systems’ Mocha user interface.

Trainer Ben Brownlee of Curious Turtle returns for the new series, which is presented in 1080p HD. The series covers object clean up and rig removal, set extensions using Mocha Pro modules, advanced remove techniques using Mocha Pro modules, and advanced insert.

“We're always trying to push what we can do with Mocha Pro,” says Brownlee. “ I wanted this course to show the challenges faced when tackling proper shots — both technically and creatively. Often there are no easy one-button solutions for these problems. You have to get smart with Mocha's tools and data to get the job done as quickly and accurately as possible. Those are the kinds of challenges we cover in this new training series.”

Pricing is $96.00, and the entire series is available for download from either: or