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OSCARS: Soundelux honored for 'Skyfall' work

February 25, 2013
OSCARS: Soundelux honored for 'Skyfall' work
HOLLYWOOD — Supervising sound editors Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers of Soundelux received the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing on Sunday, recognizing their creative contributions to the James Bond film, Skyfall.
“We are grateful to the Academy for this recognition, and we extend our warm congratulations to Per, Karen and their team at Soundelux on being honored with an Academy Award,” says David F. Alfonso, the company’s owner. “All of us at Soundelux have tremendous admiration and respect for director Sam Mendes, and we appreciate the trust and opportunity to be involved with Skyfall. The movie was outstanding, and I am very proud of Per, Karen and their team for continuing to rise to the occasion to showcase their brilliant artistry and craftsmanship.”

This is Hallberg’s third Academy Award. His previous wins include The Bourne Ultimatum (2008) and Braveheart (1995).  This is the second Academy award for Baker Landers.  Her previous win was for The Bourne Ultimatum (2008).