Right Now: Light of Day's Charles Nordeen
February 20, 2013

Right Now: Light of Day's Charles Nordeen


FILMS: “I’m really into Alfred Hitchcock movies right now. Even though I’ve seen all of them many times before, I’ve recently been watching them in a different way. I’ve been looking at his choices in blocking and lenses. The guy could tell a story! His stuff still holds up today. The guy was a master of tension. I’d say watch everything he did. Cary Grant is for sure my favorite actor he used.”

FOOD: “I am a huge cook. It’s therapy for me after a long day. I have this Kale Caesar Salad I make and it keeps getting better. Also, I’m totally going to hippie-out here and blow my cover, but I’ve been making Kombucha, Kefir, and growing my own sprouts. It’s my way of getting to do a little gardening here in the Big Apple! Good food equals good creative!”

ART/MUSIC: “Many people over look hip-hop as an art form but it’s one of the most alive and innovative arts in the world, and it’s not going anywhere. Recently, there’s this Compton rapper, Kendrick Lamar, who is so different and offbeat that it’s amazing. The whole album, ‘Good Kid, Mad City’ is so good, and people like Dr. Dre have worked with him on it. I believe no matter the type of artist you are, you have to expand your artistic judgments so you don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Charles Nordeen
Creative Director of Development/Principal
Light of Day VFX
New York City