July 22, 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013: Bron Animation recruiting for 'Henchmen'

ANAHEIM, CA — Bron Animation (www.bronanimation.com), based in British Columbia, Canada, will begin production on the full-length CG animated feature film Henchmen this fall. Based on an original script by Jay D. Waxman, the film will be directed by Adam Wood, who recently served as animation director on The Weinstein Company’s Escape from Planet Earth. 

Bron is currently ramping up its recruiting efforts, and has brought a team to SIGGRAPH in Anaheim. CTO Terry Bates, VFX supervisor Teunis De Raat, lead pipeline technical director Kirk Chantraine, technical director Dimitry Kachkovski, and Bron partner Brenda Gilbert all plan on attending the convention.

Adam Wood is a former CG animator with Pixar and is currently directing Bron Animation’s Mighty Might Monsters specials “Halloween Havoc,” “New Fears Eve,” and “Pranks for the Memories.” The upcoming Henchmen centers around two low ranking henchmen who are just trying to earn a dishonest paycheck with whatever super villain group that will hire them. But, with the world’s super heroes constantly foiling their plans, getting and keeping a job can be a lot of hard work.