Skylark Sound opens Studio B
May 29, 2013

Skylark Sound opens Studio B

BURBANK — Digital audio facility Skylark Sound Studios ( recently completed construction of a second control room, Studio B. The facility specializes in voice recording, particularly for videogames, as well as for animated films, DVD bonus features, apps, audio books, and consumer products.

The new studio features a Tascam DM-3200 digital audio console positioned at the center of a custom Argosy Console 90 Series desk. The control room’s recording and processing equipment includes Martinsound MSS-10 and Avalon VT-737SP 737 microphone preamps, a DBX 160-SL compressor, an Apogee Electronics Rosetta converter and Big Ben clock, along with an Avid Pro Tools|HD system.

“As a studio that focuses primarily on voice recording, we like to have our preamps within arm's reach,” explains Rita Kedineoglu, who worked in the audio department at Disney before opening Skylark Sound. “So we had Argosy put in two rack spaces so that we could be at arm's reach to adjust the mic preamp gain at any given moment.
The new room is a little smaller than the 535-square-foot Studio A control room, but is ideally configured for voice recording and surround mixing. “The engineer is positioned in the center facing a 60-inch LED monitor, so it's set up nicely for both ADR and mixing to picture.”