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SonicPool receives THX certification

February 15, 2013
SonicPool receives THX certification
HOLLYWOOD — SonicPool (, here, is the latest post facility to join THX’s network of “THX Certified” post production studios. The studio’s theatrical mix stage and screening room features a 21-foot Stewart screen, a 2k Barco projector with 3D capabilities, 20 plush leather seats, and a JBL 5.1/7.1 speaker system.  

A THX Certified Studio is a motion picture dubbing theater that has been designed to THX performance specifications in order to accurately capture bass, surround effects and dialogue during the mixing session. The process focuses on room design, acoustics, and the quality of the studio’s production equipment. This includes optimizing speaker layouts and calibrating audio/video systems to create a best suited environment for sound recording, design and mixing.

SonicPool was founded in 2001 by mixers/sound designers Patrick Bird and John Frost as a full service post sound company. In 2005 Jason Yanuzzi was brought on to develop the picture finishing side of the business. Each year the company has steadily grown its facilities and staff, and today offers VFX, commercial Blu-ray & DVD mastering, editorial, digital delivery & encoding, enterprise rentals, and digital cinema packages. The theater was built in 2011 for the purposes of sound mixing and color grading. It is also available for rent as a screening room.