Zync launches cloud-based rendering platform
June 20, 2013

Zync launches cloud-based rendering platform

BOSTON — Zync (www.zyncrender.com), a cloud-based rendering and storage platform, has announced their public availability. The company has spent over three years developing the solutions and its pre-release version has been used by numerous studios totaling over 6.5 million core render hours.

Zync offers on-demand access to computing resources and software licenses with simple, pay-as-you-go, hourly pricing. Zync’s software and Maya and Nuke plug-ins handle all file management to and from users host applications for a seamless experience for the artist submitting renders. With zync, users are able to launch render nodes as required, from a single machine, up to several hundred instances on-demand. The infrastructure is hosted via the Amazon Web Services platform.

Atomic Fiction recently used Zync to render more than 100 complex visual effects shots for Paramount Pictures’ Star Trek Into Darkness.

“Our commercial launch and the incredible rendering power now available to all users is what we envisioned when Zync was originally developed as an in-house tool,” explains CEO, Brian Drewes. “With the ongoing changes in the visual effects industry, the ability to render-on-demand without the massive upfront capital investment that a local renderfarm requires provides a much more flexible solution for today’s global, distributed workforce.”