10/24 Editors' Lounge to look at 'Business Of Editing'
October 7, 2014

10/24 Editors' Lounge to look at 'Business Of Editing'

BURBANK, CA — The Editors’ Lounge will take place on Friday, October 24th with a discussion on “The Business Of Editing.” If you’ve been wondering what it takes to have a lucrative career as a professional editor in today's post production world, this informative discussion by a panel of award-winning editors will offer new ways of approaching the business-side of editing without losing the creative aspect of the craft. AlphaDogs Post Production is presenting the event, which will be held at Key Code Media (270 S. Flower St.) in Burbank. 

The career of a professional editor has evolved dramatically over the past 20 years. Staying up-to-date with the exponential changes in digital technology, working with  diminishing budgets and keeping up with the expectations of ever-changing audiences with short attention spans are just a few of the many challenges editors now have to contend with.  Additionally, the abundance of affordable editing software now available on the market, combined with a lack of knowledge on the importance of what a professional editor actually does, often gives the impression that anyone can be an editor. 

“The Business Of Editing” panel will give editors new ideas and inspiration on what it takes to succeed in the new world of post production. Journalist Debra Kaufman will moderate the panel, which will feature: Richard Halsey (editor, Rocky, Edward Scissorhands), Tina Hirsch (editor, Gremlins, Dante’s Peak), Norman Hollyn (editor, Heathers, Wild Palms), and Glenn Morgan (editor, Project Runway, Under The Gunn, RoboCop 2). 

The event is free of charge, but an RSVP is mandatory due to the overwhelming demand for this popular series. Go online at: http://www.editorslounge.com.