2C Media helps TNT launch 'Legends'
August 14, 2014

2C Media helps TNT launch 'Legends'

MIAMI — 2C Media (www.2c.tv) recently partnered with TNT to create two :30 promos designed to excite audiences about the August 13th premier of the new scripted drama, Legends. The Interview and Shadow promos feature star Sean Bean, who portrays CIA agent Martin Odum. Odum has the ability to transform himself into a different person for each unique job.

Produced by TNT, Interview is a shoot-based spot in which the agent answers an interrogator’s questions. To create this promo, TNT provided 2C with footage comprised of tight and mid-shots directed by senior CD John Jamilikowski. The 2C team then went to work identifying the most compelling moments and best takes that — when crafted together in such a close range setting — would deliver a truly gripping spot.

Shadow, on the other hand, is a clip-based spot voiced by star Ali Larter. In this promo, the sound design was equally important to the visual editing, as it needed to match the original soundtrack. As the spot progresses, so does the pacing of the clips and the level of action and intensity.

2C editor/producer Spencer Condon cut the promos using Apple’s Final Cut Pro. 
“We needed someone to cut some elegant, driving spots for one of our high-profile summer series, and Spencer at 2C came through perfectly,” notes TNT’s Jamilkowski. “A pleasure to work with from a creative and professional standpoint, the good folks at 2C always come through to break through the clutter.”

“As usual, TNT’s top-flight marketing team gave us great direction and high-end content that 2C could really run with on these two spots,” says Condon. “Our role was to work with that using different tools and techniques to build an uneasy, yet paradoxically addicting suspense.”