BCM offering rental space in Atlanta
July 21, 2014

BCM offering rental space in Atlanta

ATLANTA — Biscardi Creative Media (www.biscardicreative.com) is offering rental space to Atlanta film and television productions, including edit and color-grading suites, 5.1 audio mixing, a screening room, production management offices, and insert stage/warehouse space. The Biscardi Creative Media facility was designed so that it can easily service local and visiting film and television productions to Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. The 6,000-square-foot facility sits on nearly two acres of land and backs up to a wooded landscape.

“When the facility was designed, I made sure that ease of re-configuration was first and foremost,” explains Biscardi Creative Media founder, Walter Biscardi Jr. “As technology changes in our industry, the facility needs to easily adapt to those changes. As such, it lends itself well to rental and re-configuration by outside production companies.”

BCM features a centrally-placed equipment room that’s located among nine offices that are designed to be used for post. Additional power drops and room for equipment racks allow visiting productions to roll in and start work quickly. Drop ceilings throughout all workspaces allow for easy cable runs from the machine room, and five-foot-wide hallways offer room to move equipment around the entire facility.

Each production room is oversized to accommodate multiple people working in any space. Suites can be configured for editorial, color, logging, or as a production office. BCM has pre-configured edit suites, a Da Vinci Resolve Suite with a Tangent Element control surface, and an Avid Pro Tools 5.1 mixing theater, but all rooms can be re-configured as needed.

The mixing room is also a screening theater, with normal seating for six, though it can accommodate up to 14. The theater’s eight-foot projection screen can be patched from any video source in the facility. A 1,400 square foot warehouse space features a 14-foot garage door, allowing rental and grip trucks to pull indoors to unload. The space can also be used for an insert stage or greenscreen area. A large media library is available, with room for multiple production or edit assistants for logging and offline tasks. A backup generator protects client project in the event of an electrical failure.