Brazil's O2 Post to add 80 DaVinci Resolve seats
October 23, 2014

Brazil's O2 Post to add 80 DaVinci Resolve seats

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — O2 Post, one of Brazil’s largest post houses, is installing 80 DaVinci Resolve licenses and three DaVinci Resolve suites. Resolve has become a central part of O2 Post’s entire production and post production workflow. O2 colorists, editors, VFX artists, producers, directors and clients will be able to view and collaboratively work with Resolve files from anywhere in the facility.

O2 Post is part of the larger O2 family of film, television and commercial companies. It originally launched to serve O2 Filmes subsidiaries, and now handles projects for all types of Brazilian and international productions. The company has more than 100 professionals on staff and 8,500 square meters of creative space located in São Paulo. 

The installation will ultimately include three DaVinci Resolve color correction suites and 77 DaVinci Resolve 11 licenses running on Mac and Windows systems. All will be connected via a facility-wide SAN, with unique databases set up for different projects and with up to 40 people able to share a single project at the same time. 

O2 Post GM Paulo Barcellos designed and managed the building of the new infrastructure. “O2 was a pioneer in shooting digital, but our post facility housed large-scale solutions that were not a natural fit with digital, and this complicated the workflow,” he notes. “It was a bottleneck that left very little room to expand. You could not see color grading unless you were the artist working on the project, you were in the color grading room or someone rendered out a file and sent it to you. Turning Resolve into the center of our post production workflow and basing everything around Macs offer us better features, collaboration and performance that is actually three times faster than our previous system.”

To date, 14 seats of Resolve software have been installed, along with the three color correction suites. All 80 systems should be in place by the end of 2015.