Creative Storage Conference to hold future of content delivery panel
June 10, 2014

Creative Storage Conference to hold future of content delivery panel

SAN JOSE, CA — The 2014 Creative Storage Conference (, which will be held on June 24, 2014 in Culver City, CA, is set to include a panel discussion on “Trekking to the Clouds:  Looking to the Future of Content Delivery — Wired, Wireless, Second Screen and Satellite” as well as a session on “Software Defined Systems for Professional Media.”

“Trekking to the Clouds: Looking to the Future of Content Delivery — Wired, Wireless, Second Screen and Satellite,” moderated by Marty Shindler, The Shindler Perspective, will look at how, a s file sizes continue to grow and the number of users and files increase, moving content through the Internet enables it to be available wherever and whenever. Cloud storage is promising but there remain challenges and rewards for getting content to where it is needed quickly and securely. There are many opinions as to how the future of content transport will evolve. This includes what will occur with extensive installation of fiber by telcos, cablecos and Google. There is also considerable discussion of how sales of spectrum will impact the growth as society becomes increasingly mobile. This panel will look at the future, envisioning content transport up to 15 years from now. Panelists include: Michelle Munson, Aspera; Eric Markow, Bel Air Internet; Nathan Carman, Exelis; Don Gabriel, EchoStar; and TBD, Level3.

“Software Defined Systems for Professional Media,” moderated by Steven B. Cohen, Daystrom Technology Group, will look at how Software Defined Systems are poised to radically transform IT Infrastructure.  4K datasets, complex workflows, and global distribution are all pushing companies towards the financial breaking point around their "technology spend," and it is up to the collective engineering leadership to harness automated systems to increase utilization and avoid wasteful, peak-load designs.  Fortunately, Software-Defined Systems are poised to address these pressure points, and more, and will soon transform how media Infrastructure is designed, deployed and optimized. Panelists will debate the "state of readiness" for Software Defined technologies and deployments, and discuss if "the machines are ready to program the machines." Panelists include: James Heliker, Qfoundry; Guillaume Aubuchon, Digital Film Tree; Scott Rupple , Jeda Networks; Warren Belkin, Arista; and Nelson Nahum, Zadara.

Aberdeen, Aspera (an IBM Company), Corning, DDN, Excelis, HDS, LumaForge, Mellanox, MelroseMAC, MESS, Oracle, Promise Technology, Quantum, SMPTE, SNIA, Sony, Wooly Productions and Zadara, are sponsoring and exhibiting at the show.

The Eighth Annual Creative Storage Conference brings together digital storage providers, equipment and software manufacturers and professional media and entertainment end users to explore the conference theme of “Collaborative Workflows and Storage Objects.”  It also provides provides insights by industry experts on a broad range of storage technologies used in professional media and entertainment applications. Early conference registration closes on June 20, 2014.