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EC3 trailer brings grading theater to the set

January 14, 2014
EC3 trailer brings grading theater to the set
LOS ANGELES — Efilm and Company 3 ( have partnered to create a near-set dailies grading theater that can be stationed nearby any shoot, allowing filmmakers to work as though they have a well-equipped post house on site. 

The EC3 Trailer was created by Star Waggons and features a totally calibrated and fully functional grading theater with a seven-foot screen, a 2K digital cinema projector, 12 plush theater seats, and an area in the back for the dailies colorist to work. The mobile theater can be set up to work with any choice of color correction tools, based on the job, but it's primarily outfitted with Colorfront OSD and Resolve. There is also small machine room where material is ingested from media delivered by the DIT and his crew. 

So far, the EC3 Trailer has been used on Lone Survivor and the new X-Men movies. Both films’ DPs appreciated the ability to sit in with a colorist, see the dailies projected on a big screen, and fine tune the look a few hours after shooting the material.