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Gentleman Scholar completes Otterbox spot

August 28, 2014
Gentleman Scholar completes Otterbox spot
LOS ANGELES — Gentleman Scholar ( created a :30 spot for Otterbox that uses rapidly-cut vignettes, evocative imagery and dynamic typography to promote the company's new Alpha Glass, which is designed to protect the surface of smartphones. The commercial was shot on a Red Scarlet camera and features imagery of glimmering and refracting light, prisms, crystal, champagne towers, paint buckets and riot shields, as well as a young model, who is confident that her phone can handle anything that life unexpectedly throws at it.

Gentleman Scholar directors Will Campbell and Will Johnson, and ACD JP Rooney worked seamlessly with Jacobson/Rost to push the visual interpretation of Otterbox’s premium scratch-and-drop defense. Live-action footage was shot in-house, allowing the studio to play around with a wide range of frame rates and lighting setups. Enjoy the View was assembled using a combination of Maya, Nuke, Modo, After Effects and Photoshop. The spot incorporates as many as 50 shots in just :30.