'Hans Zimmer' contest looks for next top composer
January 23, 2014

'Hans Zimmer' contest looks for next top composer

LOS ANGELES — The Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, which is a joint venture between Sony/ATV Music Publishing’s Extreme Music and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions, has launched the “Hans Zimmer Wants You! Powered by SoundCloud” contest. The competitive talent quest (www.hanszimmerwantsyou.com) is designed to uncover the next Bleeding Fingers composer and offers the SoundCloud community a career-making opportunity.

Composer Hans Zimmer has created an original piece of music exclusively for this contest. Participants will use the track as a leaping off point in which they will then create their own compositions based on or inspired by the same melody. Submission length is 90 to 120 seconds. The winning composer(s) will have the chance to work side-by-side with a stable of top Hollywood talent.  The winner will receive the opportunity for full-time employment, including a full benefits package, plus, they will be provided with their own fully equipped studio in Bleeding Fingers’ new facility. 

The contest began on January 22nd and ends February 19th. The lucky finalists will be announced on or before March 20th.

“This competition promises to be an exciting journey; there is a universe of outstanding talent out there and I am looking forward to hearing the exciting submissions the SoundCloud community comes up with,” says Hans Zimmer. “To all who enter remember there are no boundaries — be bold be brave!” 

An accomplished panel of judges will examine the work and the final selection will be made by Zimmer himself.